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GALAXY Life is a mobile app that aims to be one-stop platform for its customers to experience the latest trends. Samsung GALAXY Life is the brand's loyalty program for selected Samsung GALAXY smartphone and tablet users. It will serve as the GALAXY user's passport to amazing experiences and special privileges. Samsung users can now redeem exclusive privileges and deals at participating merchant outlets through the GALAXY Life app.

Check out the current deals they have….


Omg emicakes… They have the best durian cakes and puffs!! (LOL sidetrack)


Other exclusive Samsung GALAXY Tab S deals include:

* E2Max – Enjoy 30 minutes’ bonus with rental of E2Max Chambers (worth up to $70)
* F1 Simulator – Free 10 minutes trial (worth $30 an hour) * Party World – 3 persons for the price of 2 (worth up to $93)
* Play Nation – 3 gaming packages for the price of 2 (worth $44.70) Promotions are subject to third party service providers’ terms and conditions.
Thanks to the GALAXY Life, Samsung users are now able to enjoy entertainment on the go!


The Samsung GALAXY Tab S has also been my favorite device to Skype with my friends! Keeping in contact with my friend in UK has also been made much easier because I can Skype anytime and anywhere.


My friend is also using his Samsung GALAXY Tab S to Skype with me and look.. HE’S IN A PARK. Hahahaha.

When he video calls me all I have to do is swipe and pick up the call.. Less hassle compared to turning on my laptop and etc.


Shopping in bed because.. I CAN. It is so much more shiok to shop with a big screen on Gmarket because I no longer have to squint at my tiny phone screen!!



As someone who relies on the laptop often for so many purposes… The Samsung GALAXY Tab S has been such a convenient replacement for me to carry out my daily activities! It has been providing me with so much entertainment purposes as well and the fact that I’m having my holidays now just makes the Samsung GALAXY Tab S so much better utilized.

Moreover, adding onto the security feature, shopping online through the GALAXY Tab S is a lot safer with the fingerprint scanner. I didn’t manage to try because I was too engrossed in my shopping! But for those who own the GALAXY Tab S, you can shop online and do your payment with a scan of your fingerprint. It’s definitely more convenient because nobody has the same fingerprint!

Looking forward to discovering even more features about the Samsung GALAXY Tab S!!!


Thank you Samsung Asia!
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BEBE BLANC is founded by a team of enthusiastic beauty junkies who focuses on the importance of having a good skincare product for each individual. We believed that beauty is skin deep and having a clean and healthy skin help to boost one’s positive self-esteem and confidence.

BEBE BLANC is a collective of premium quality products carefully sourced from Thailand and around the world in time to come! We work only with direct manufacturers and ensure that the products are of quality standards and FDA approved. You can definitely find the right product amongst the different brands at BEBE BLANC!

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.51.57

Have you guys heard of how beneficial SNAIL SECRETION FILTRATE is? Just this ingredient alone is a combination of 6 other natural ingredients which treat most of the skin problems most of us are facing everyday! To name a few, Collagen, Elastin and Glycolic Acid can be found in Snail Secretion Filtrate! It enhances the regeneration of our skin cells turnover rate and strengthen skin barrier against harmful pollutants! With Snail Secretion Filtrate and other main ingredients, it makes the cream rich but yet easily absorbed onto skin!

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.30.06

SNAILWHITE Facial Cream is generally suitable for all skin types, both females and males. It is great for individuals who want a smoother, brighter and supple skin.

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.31.28

Check out what you can achieve from SNAILWHITE Facial Cream!

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.32.22

SNAILWHITE Facial Cream is a light-weight moisturizer which focuses on the


Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.36.20

I love how the cream doesn't feel oily on my skin and how effective it is in targeting redness!! Everytime I have a red spot it would eventually go away after multiple uses of the cream. Most importantly, it doesn't clog my skin like many of the other moisturizers I have even though it's rich. I've been using the cream for months now and I've gotta say it's really the most suitable for my skin type. It's not one of those creams that promises exaggerating results in a few hours but you will eventually see how your skin improves significantly with usage of the cream overtime!

SNAILWHITE Facial Cream is made up of 7 Main Ingredients which are imported mainly from Korea, Italy and France and manufactured in Thailand headquarters! With the natural ingredients, it's generally suitable for sensitive/acne prone skin individuals as it calms and reduces redness and further irritation on skin.

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.36.36

Easy and Convenient when it comes in a vacuum pump tub which dispenses only sufficient amount you need! Gone were the days of messy and hassle experience from digging into your moisturizer! As it's an air tight container, it protects the cream from getting in contact with bacteria and germs, ensuring it's fresh at all times. This reduces the likelihood of contamination of product.

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.44.48

Steps to applying the cream:

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.45.05

Because there have been an influx of fake Snail White products... The market, BEBE BLANC is taking the extra precaution by having our company holographic sticker pasted on to each and every SNAILWHITE products distributed by them.

P/S: They are the parent company of SNAILWHITE Singapore Official and all SNAILWHITE products are direct from manufacturer.

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.45.40

So please do take caution when ordering your products!!!!

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.57.19

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at PM 04.47.14

Bellus de CHARME


I'm a sucker for long nails. The more exaggerating my nails are, the more I love it. LOL. My friends are always telling me I'm a crazy witch. Hahaha. But I can't help it!!! And I'm so thankful for Charme that makes it happen for me because my nails can never grow THIS long...

Because nail extensions are such a tough job... I sat there for 3 whole hours. I can't believe how tiring it was for my manicurist. I felt so bad I was constantly telling her ''辛苦了'' but she always replied me saying that it's okay because feels happy from seeing how my nails turned out. Such a sweetheart?!

So happy cus I'm loving em nails~~


Thank you Charme for the mani loving! 

@ Far East Plaza
Tel:+65 67336958

BlogShopping SG

BlogShopping is a multi label concept boutique store that bridges the gap between physical retail stores and online E Retailers.

Worried about the fitting or material of any items that you might wish to purchase online? You can avoid the disappointment by visiting us and have a feel and fit of your favourite brand's apparels before purchase.

They have weekly new arrivals amounting to 200 pieces weekly so there is never a dull moment shopping at BlogShopping!

I really did spend a long time in the store choosing my items because there were SO many choices..

My picks:


Premium Marble Print Bustier Romper C/O NeonMello


Tweed Bag: WonderStellar
Crop Denim Shirt: BlogShoppingSG

BlogShopping's outlets:

Far East Plaza #01-33/34

Jem #04-07

Bugis Junction #03-12A

StarVista #01-28

BlogShopping Membership Card


Sign up for BlogShopping Membership Card at $10 a year and get 10% off the first purchase, 5% all year round and 10% off the whole birthday month.

*Shop & Win BOGO*


Customers can shop at any BlogShopping outlets and when they make a purchase and stand a chance to Buy One Get One. Each winner would be picked weekly from each outlet and the winners would be announced on their FaceBook!

Luminous detox energie care facial


Awhile ago, I was invited to try out a facial treatment at Glomax aesthetics!

Since it was one of the lucky periods where I didn't have any pimples... The specialist suggested me to do the Luminous Detox Energie Care Facial which included of Sonic cleansing, microdermabrasion and a cocktail treatment inclusive of Vitamin C (promotes collagen production), Pentawhite (anti-oxidant, super whitening) and Green tea extract (anti-oxidant, whitening, anti-bacterial, lightening).

I felt like my skin was fed with so much goodness!

Before: Redness and uneven skin tone
After: Smoother and even skin tone

For my lucky readers....

Enjoy $88 Full 60 mins Luminous Detox Energie Care Facial UP$168 when you quote "Shanice Ang" when making appointment. *By appointment and for first time customers only. Limited period.

12 Eu Tong Sen St, #6-168, SOHO 2
The Central, Singapore 059819
(Above Clarke Quay Station)
Tel: +65 6225 5193

Sponsored post: SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S


Guess who got the pleasure to work with Samsung again???? :D


This time, I got myself a Samsung GALAXY Tab S (10.5") LTE! Exploring it this week has made me realize that it has so many amazing features!


It comes in both 8.4-inches and 10.5-inches sizes, and I chose the one in 10.5”. Although it’s huge, I have to say that the GALAXY Tab S is extremely lightweight! It measures just 6.6mm in thickness. Can you believe it? It’s so light that it weighs almost as much as my phone.. Not even exaggerating.

It doesn’t even bother me when I bring it outdoors because it hardly weighs anything. It fits just well in my big bag ☺


Best thing is, it works just the way my laptop does! Just at a much lighter weight. Perfect for someone like me who would frequently make use of laptops for school work. I no longer have to lug my heavy laptop out when I study.


Super AMOLED display

The GALAXY Tab S is armed with the best possible specs, including the Super AMOLED screen. The display technology inside the GALAXY Tab S is a Super AMOLED screen instead of the conventional LCD. Because it doesn't need a separate backlight, the entire device can be thinner, lighter, and require lesser power. Brighter screen, radiant colors, HD quality with LESS battery consumption. What an amazing technology!

Look how crazy amazing the colors are!!!!


I could stare at this forever…..

For those who prefer to have the conventional LCD screen, you can simply switch off the Super AMOLED display by unchecking Adaptive Display and changing it to basic mode.


Thanks to the stunning Super AMOLED display, it makes watching my videos so much more enjoyable!

Even on buses….


Playing games on wider screens are so much more fun too! It really feels different when you play games on wide screen… It makes you never want to play games on your phone anymore. Hahaha.


Here’s a picture of me playing games when I get the chance to. LOL


Phone and tablet

Another Samsung feature is SideSync 3.0, enabling you to link a phone with your tablet. You can then send and receive voice calls*, transfer data, send texts and more on your tablet. SideSync 3.0 is compatible for GALAXY S5 LTE and GALAXY Note 3 With LTE only.

For people who are super attached to their phones like me, you can simply sync your phone to your GALAXY Tab S and use it in the living room while charging your phone in the room at the same time. How convenient right?

You can even transfer all the pictures from your phone into your GALAXY Tab S! Simply through Wi-Fi Direct®. that can be done within seconds!



For the concertgoers, you would definitely love GigOut! PLUS It’s a one-stop concert go-to app under Samsung GALAXY Gifts where Samsung users can enjoy exclusive concert ticket discounts and priority booking. You can even connect it to your Facebook to check out who else in your friend list is going and maybe even meet up with them!

There are also many other privileges for Samsung users such as redeeming FREE SPH magazines or even getting the chance to enjoy Marvel Comics FOR FREE, for a period of 3 months! And 2 months of toggle at only $1!


What have you got to not love GALAXY Gifts?

Screen shot 2014-09-12 at PM 01.02.17

I love how the Samsung GALAXY Tab S has been so useful for me in so many ways! It has made my life so much more convenient in terms of work and even entertainment.

Thank you Samsung!!

For those who are curious of the retail prices!
– GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE: SGD 698
– GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 598
– GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) LTE: SGD 948
– GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 848

Facial treatments @ Atlas Medical


My acne has been well maintained thanks to the acne program I've been undergoing at Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics! I'm super thankful how they are so patient with me because my skin is so problematic it becomes tough to keep in control. Even I run out of patience myself from trying to take care of my skin. LOL

Unfortunately, I have SO MUCH melanin in my body which seems to be producing tons at every minute.

Recently, I started to develop some pigmentation from sun exposure.. I have no idea where they came from until DR Yuen pointed them out to me. Till then... It has been bothering me quite a bit because I can't help but focus on this flaw.

Therefore, I did my usual pigmentation laser! I really trust my skin to be under the skillful hands of DR Yuen because he's always so confident and aware of what to do to solve my skin's imperfections. He makes me feel assured of the results I'm expecting.

I told DR Yuen I wanted to feel the least pain as possible and he really did made it happen for me! He used this really cold air to blow on my skin everytime he was lasering an area of my face and there was really no pain AT ALL, which is pretty damn amazing because it makes such a big difference! If you're really afraid of pain just let DR Yuen know and he'll know what to do :)

Although there wasn't any extraction this time.. My skin feels super clean. Like as if DR Yuen has zapped all my impurities away!

A few days after the treatment...


My pigmentation has lightened a bit! I hardly even notice it anymore unless I really scrutinize my face super near the mirror.

Not to forget about other treatments I’ve also done such as the usual Silk Peel (which is my favourite), the RF treatment which is done to firm and reduce stubborn fats as well as the popular vitamin C treatment which has anti-oxidant, anti-pigmentation and skin tone lightening effects.

My facials are always made so comfortable~ 

My skin's condition now after much pampering from Atlas Medical (with some tinted sunblock):

Thank you DR Yuen!
 So glad I have this trusty team at Atlas Medical to rely on for my skin's needs :)


Quote my name to get special deals!!

Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics

391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #13-10/10A
Singapore 238874
Tel. : (65) 6556 0829
Fax : (65) 6556 0819
General Enquiries: enquiry@atlasmedicalclinic.com
Opening Hours
Mon & Tues: 10.00am to 6.30pm
Wed: 10.00am to 8.00pm
Thur & Fri: 10.00am to 8.30pm
Sat: 9.00am to 12.30pm
Sun and Public Holidays: Closed