Maggi noodles


Spent our 19th catching a movie in town and had Pontian for lunch!

My X'mas nails done by myself! (Which I didn't manage to maintain for more than a week :()

Back home to cook my favourite maggi noodles for dinner!

A video of loverboy cooking, hehehe

I love you :)



It's 3AM in the morning and here I am, skyping with Mae. Not feeling the least stoked for X'mas tmr at all and I hv no idea why. But still, hope those who're celebrating tmr will hv a good one! MERRY X'MAS EVE!!!!

P/S: I hope you'll feel better when you wake up baby Erics, you pretty girl :)

Slumber party

Slumber at Erica's place on a random night!!! Impromptu decision but ended up fun. Last minute plans always end up better compared to planned ones :) So good t catch up with all my babies aft I came back! Hehehe.

And lastly...  AWESOME VID DONE BY ERICA THE VID EDITING PRO. Accumulated videos since the day at the airport when I left for US! Hehehe. Super love the vid can! Fun memories!!! Love you 3 laaaa. Hahahahaha let's reunite soon again. MUAH MUAH. ♥

Geo lens Advertorial



I know many have been asking me where I buy my contact lenses, what brand they are, what series and etc. Now I'll just answer ALL your questions here, once n for all! Not only you can know what lenses I'm actually wearing.... But you can also buy them as well! For like only $10 per pair! CHEAP CHEAP! :)

I rmb someone asking me where I got my lenses here:

It's actually from the Angel Color series! In grey. But now they have it in a bigger diameter! :) Called the Super Angel Color.

And as for my lenses here....

It's from the Nudy series! In brown :) & they have it in a bigger diameter as well! Called the Super Nudy.

They carry other kinds of lenses too! In different shapes and tones.

And even have some in PINK!


So what are you waiting for!!!! Hurry drop by H-eadlights and get yourself a pair of lenses to make you look more attractive & pretty for the upcoming events!!! Trust me, contact lenses really does make a diff :)

Exodus Parade Advertorial



Personally I really like their designs :) All their apparels are really simple but yet looks so pretty at the same time. The kind of clothes that I'll definitely go for when I'm shopping! Now it's all in a website... YUM YUM. Can just wait for them to launch a collection every week and shop online when I'm too lazy to head out. So much more convenient! Hehe :)

Chain Top (Navy)
Price: $24
Measurements: 16" across, 24" down
Fits UK 6-8
Status: Available

Ripped Black Shorts
Price: $25
Measurements: S- 13.5" across, 11" down
M- 14.5" across, 12" down
Status: Available

Caged Shoulder Shirt (Navy/Cream)
Price: $25
Measurements: 18" across, 26" down
Fits UK 6-10
Status: Available

Criss-cross leggings
Price: $23
Measurements: 33" down
Fits UK 6-10
Status: Available

And from the previous collection:

Item 4: Grey Batwing Unbalanced
Price: $24
Measurements: 31" across, 18.5" down(front), 28" down(back)
Fits UK 6-10
Status: Available

Item 8: Brown Knitted Fringe Poncho
Price: $25
Measurements: 28" across, 21.5" down
Fits UK 6-12
Status: Available


Mention my name and be entitled to 5% off total bill!

More at Exodus Parade:)