Blackberry housings


HI GUYS! Here's the advert that most of you hve been waiting for! Hehehe. FINALLY.

Make a guess what it's about? (K la you'd prolly hve noticed the title. LOL) But yes it's gonna be really useful to majority of you!


One of the reasons why I love BB!!! You can change your housings! And even the themes. Hehe :) What more do I have to say?!! Hurry visit CRAZY RUNWAY now and order your housings before the preorder closes! They have a wide variety of colours for almost every model! All super chio! NTM cheap as well! Like only $30 per housing? CHEAP OR WHUT RIGHT. I got my previous one for abt $50 lor :( Kena con... Hahahaha. K la quick quick go take a look! You'll love it. Wished I cld order all colours for myself lor! Then everyday change one colour. HAHAHA.

State my name for a 5% discount! :)

P/S: I'm currently using baby pink :)

Canon 450D


Canon Kiss x2 (also known as Canon 450D) Bought overseas. Condition 9.9/10 2 batteries in total, 1 extra bought to spare in case. 1 extra battery costed SGD$100. It states CANON KISS X2 on the bottom right of the camera (it's a canon 450D)

FOR MORE INFO http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_EOS_450D

Selling for $850

Interested parties email backatreality@live.com

First week of 2011

This was the first week of 2011! Which was actually pretty alright though there wasn't anything that happened which was noteworthy. T'was just like another usual weekend that past in an instant.

I forgot when was this...... LOL but here you go, some pictures~~~~~

NYE 2010


So I had a really really simple New Year's Eve. Spent the night over at Rivergate! Yea and there weren't much pictures, we didn't do anything else besides chit chatting and laughing.

Anyway.............. I know I'm really, extremely, slow and behind time. But I'm still gonna blog about the New Year! Even though everyone has already blogged about it 2 weeks ago :/ Hahaha. Speaking of the New Year, I've decided to NOT make a resolution this year. 'Cuz it's just gonna add on to the list of promises that I've never kept. So yup! I'll just go with the flow and let whatever come, come.

Another year has came and gone. Doubtless there is much in it we would like to change, some things we wish we had done different, some thing left undone and some regrets. But the old year is behind, and there's nothing much we can do anymore but hope for the better. So let's all try to stop dwindling in the past and look forward to a fulfilling year with an optimistic attitude! Have faith and believe that everything will be better :)

Hope it'll be a smooth sailing year for everyone :)

HAPPY 2011!!!

Merry X'mas (day 2) 2010


Sooo... After spending my 1st day of X'mas with my Bf and Erica, I spent my 2nd day of X'mas with Mae and the rest! And fortunately we got one of the biggest rooms at St Michaels in Resort World Sentosa, thx to Mae's dad's help ;) There wasn't much ppl tho. But boy was it still whoopee! :) I really had an extremely merry Christmas this year.

The toilet is like the size of my bedroom......

Super yummy looking cake. But doesn't taste nice at all. The whole thing's like made of Cinnamon, yikes.

Hahaha, the guys after their bubble bath

Hehehe and Erwin went to get breakfast for all of us :)

Lastly...... A pretty long vid for y'all to enjoy! Took hours to edit n upload it...

Merry X'mas 2010


Gladly, my X'mas this year wasn't as bad as I expect it to be. Thanks to the last min hotel room plans by Dons, all of us managed t enjoy a rather fruitful X'mas! :) And surprisingly, no one actually turned up empty handed! Even tho most of the prezzies are kinda weird.... Esp by bf's, hahahaha. But we all did hv a good laugh :) So yup, (even tho I know I'm rly late)

Hope all of you had a good one!

And I managed to take a short vid!