Taipei; DAY 4



They've got the cutest mascots there... Haha

Met Eve. And off to Mr J's restaurant!!!

Which was located somewhere near here. (Don't ask me whr it is anymore cus thats all I know... Haha)

Even the menu has his face in almost every page

SHIOK RISOTTO. Soooo noms..


Ermmm hahahahah

Here we are at the famous Wu Fen Pu! Which is well known for selling cheap wholesale clothes

I died here. Ultimate shoegasm... Seriously.

LOL Emme's signature face

Look at her at the back


Done with shopping!

Off to Rao He Night Market!

IDK what this is exactly... I think it's like fried sweet potato or smth? BUT DAMN DOPE. REALLY. Super cheap also! I think it was only like a dollar or 2 for one packet.

Omelette~ Which was mm... Normal. Haha

Eve: Shoe inception

Tarot card reading!!

I've never rly went for tarot card reading in real life before so it was kinda interesting. To see how ''magical'' the lady was. LOL. 

Day 4 was a lot of walking! Wu Fen Pu wasn't that great afterall though.... Everything isn't as cheap as everyone had said. One normal top costs like abt 30 bucks at least? :/ Things are only cheap there if you buy it in a bulk... Like wholesale. So it wasn't really worth it for us since we were buying them individually. I don't think you'd enjoy shopping there unless you're intending to buy wholesale or you wouldn't mind splurging. Hahaha. But the place is really really really huge... So if you're intending to splurge there I think you'd go crazy. It's like 5 times the size of Bugis Street. (OR MORE) I hve no idea actually cus it's like a friggin' maze. We had to try to recall where we walked cus there were too many valleys. I walked till I got so exhausted. Lol.

As for Rao He, it was... Okay? Never bought much cus it was more of food and necessities. Worth the visit though. Lotsa lotsa lotsa food :8D Hahaha.