Au Petit Salute


Saturday was dinner at Au Petit! 

Their escargots are really..... *FUMBS UP*

Pumpkin and sweet corn risotto! Which wasn't too bad but I got so surfeited after a few mouthfuls :( Y'know when you have too much of smth and it starts to get kinda sick...? Yea

Rigatoni pasta! 

Choux buns with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. One of their most popular dessert! SUPER GOOD.

I think one thing we should never ever save up on is good food..... Definitely worth the money. Hehehehe. There are still so many good restaurants that I've heard of which I haven't gone to. So watch this space!!!!! I'll come back with more :D


JB x Itouch photos x Shopping


And this is me.... Trying to get used to not wearing coloured contacts. Which is umm... Obviously still a fail attempt because I'm still heavily relying on them :/

Anyhow, here are photos from my itouch! Since I haven't been bringing the camera out and I've just been so so lazy to... I've decided to post the photos that I have on my itouch. For the sake of those who doesn't have instagram!

Impromptu JB trip

Where they took us to Aeon shopping mall to shop!

Hehe... Moments that are worth capturing.

Sweetest baby ever. TOO CUTE!!!!!!!

And next was dinner at the famous market. It was soooo good.... I loved the cray fish!

Lastly, this is what we had for just ONE DAY. Hahahahaha. Do you understand why girls in a relationship just tends to gain more weight now.... Lol. 

More pictures!!!


There.... Colored contacts. Lol

A random day out to shop last weekend.... Hahaha.

Till next time!

The Handlebar


A new blogshop has joined the online industry! The Handlebar consistently updates with a new collection every week. In fact, they are actually already launching their 6th collection tomorrow! Wouldn't it be great to have a new addition of clothes to your wardrobe every consecutive week? You would never have to worry about not having something to wear because you'd be so spoilt for choice!

The handle bar carries apparels of all kinds. Ranging from basics, to formal, to even party dresses! Suitable for school and any other party nights! It's a perfect blogshop that would be able to provide you with clothes for any special occasion. However, The Handlebar only brings in a limited quantity of pieces per design and backorders are not assured to be available for every item. So do GRAB FAST! Join their mailing list and be updated with their weekly collections and previews!

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Find them on their fb page: the handlebar
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Happy shopping ladies!