Mama tofu


My bf and I decided to head to MBS last Saturday for the titanic exhibition!

Only to find that it was closed due to a private event... Pfft. Why aren't we informed earlier!? There wasn't even any notice on the website or anything..... What a disappointment. So yes, in case any of you are considering to go down, I think you'd better give them a call first! Lesson learnt.

Afterwhich we decided to have lunch at Imperial Treasure!

I REALLY LIKE THE PEANUTS. So sweet! It's like the kind of peanuts that you can watch tv and never stop munching... Hahaha.

I: Wah this is the mother of tofus (LOL hence the title)

They've got nice mango pudding!!! 

I love pictures in the sun

Have a good weekend!

Kukup; March


OMG.... I'm finally able to upload all these photos.

I was having such a hard time because my safari kept crashing on me!!!!! Every now and then it ''quits unexpectedly'' and my photos would all be gone -_- SO ANNOYING. It took me 3 days to fully upload the photos for just this entry. Ah... But anyway thank god it's finally done and now I'm back to update on my trip to Kukup with the bf! Hehe

Smth to accompany me through the journey

Stopped by JB for our breakfast!

SOO PRETTY RIGHT?!! I think she's a beauty for a 7 year old... Really.

Buying some yummy coconut pudding


At our hotel/resort whatever you call it

And presenting to you..... The cutest baby ever. SOMETIMES I JUST WNA BITE HIS CHEEKS. OMG. I WANT TO EAT HIM!!!!!!! SO DAMN CUTE

And this is our room!! Which was more or less like a hotel. I'd consider it pretty up to standard compared to the other resorts. Mm.. Not THAT bad afterall. Smth more than I expected!

Chazel who was constantly coming in to terrorize our room. Hahahaha

Off for lunchieesssss!!

CORN JELLY(?) IDK what it's called... But basically it's like agar agar with corn inside. I LIKE IT! And the colours are just so attractive... Hahaha


Back to the hotel for some rest

Out again to play bubbles with the sweethearts

Sometimes I think I take amazing candid pictures... Hehehe. There are times when I wish I some pro photographer who'd be with me 24/7 to capture all the special moments in my life :( Pictures are such keepsakes

I apologise for this picture if you have like a fear of toes or smth... LOL


The bf lighting the fireworks MANUALLY. It was kinda scary...... You have to escape really fast. LOL. We never got to take any pictures tho :( I wasn't fast enough everytime the fireworks came up 

I swear this is candid

Our turn to let off our floating lanterns!!

Bye bye~~~ May all our wishes come true!!

That's the end of day 1! There wasn't anything much but I had such a great time... Especially when I had a chance to watch the floating lanterns.. I really loved it! Ever since I've watched Rapunzel it has been like a wish for me to watch floating lanterns. And here it is! My wish fulfilled by the best bf in the world. Sometimes I find he's so nice to me I'm worried I wouldn't be good enough for him... I'M SO DAMN THANKFUL! I cannot emphasize on how blessed I am. If you're reading this..

I LOVE YOU B!!!!! 


Day 2:

BREAKFAST! Super good you tiao and curry puff....

Old school ice cream for Chazel and I

OMG...... Just look at this angel

Lunch at Nipponya!

Shopping after and back to SG~~~

Getaways once in awhile are so stress relieving. I can't wait for Redang in April!!!!