Timbre x Vlog


Timbre for Grace's birthday dinner!

Roast duck x Garlic prawn. (The roast duck's super nomz!)

Sunny side up x Salmon

Awfully chocolate cupcakes for th birthday girl!

I was a grumpy girl so not much pictures that night..

I know this entry is rather boring.... Thus, a short vlog for yall!

Sorry if I've repeated the facts or have mentioned them before.... Just take it as I'm compiling them into a video okay. Hahaha. Pardon me if I sound lame. Let me repeat... I'm just dng this purely for the sake of the ppl who requested ok! OK that's all for today! Bye bye!

P/S: Lemme know if there's anything else I can do a vlog about! 




Brunch with Kathy after my photoshoot!

Carbonara gnocchi! Yummy but super filling. Had their caramel tea too! Not bad but I don't really like it... I still prefer ginger tea. Hehehe..

Off to meet the guys at night!

Happy picture!

I find this picture quite siao.. Hahahaha

And guess who joined us for the rest of the night!

BCC x TWG x Meat Works


A date out with my babies for lunch at Sunset Way last week!

At Butter Cake & Cream

Old school Sarsi!

Mushroom soup

Chicken teriyaki!

Fish and Chips. Which was quite a disappointment :(


Oreo cheese cake

Hazelnut ice cream! My favourite ice cream from BCC!

I'd rate the restaurant.... 3/5?

Wasn't really up to my expectations... I personally think it could've been better! But well it was worth the visit I guess! Given that the place's ambience was rather nice! If you wna study or like catch up with a friend over a drink or smth this would be a nice place :) Extremely cosy!

Off to meet Kathleen in town for tea!

Finally satisfying my craving for awesome ginger tea....  My friends found it awful but I love it. Hehe

Dinner at Meat Works!

Salmon pasta!

Salmon Steak. WHICH WAS SO GOOD!!! If you ever order it get the herb butter and apply it on the salmon. Super tasty! The mash potato was also damn super duper yummy. 一级棒  !!!

Aglio Olio (bf's favourite) Don't understand why he likes aglio olio though cus I find that it tastes the same everywhere? Like not worth it to eat aglio olio everywhere.... Hahahaha. IMO!

I was so happily stuffed that day!

Bye bye
I'm going to turn into a fatty in no time


Happy mama's day; '12


Simple outfit for the day!

New favourite bag hehe so versatile!

Went to look for my momsie to pass her her card and her new bag.... Couldn't have dinner with her cus she wasn't free so I had mother's day dinner with my bf's family!

At the famous Ka Soh restaurant!

Mmm.... Nothing extraordinary IMO... Everything was rather mediocre. Don't rly know why it's famous cus even the fish head wasn't that great? I think it's just that the dishes has a homely taste. Like smth a mother wld cook! So yeah I guess it was perfect for a mother's day dinner 

Prezzie for my bf's mom:

And for the world's best grandma:

Wishing all the wonderful mothers out there a big big

Hope y'all had a blessed celebration :)