IKEA; new home for the bf


My boyfriend's house is currently under renovation! Thus, for the sake of the king who wants a perfect bedroom.... We went on a mission to Ikea last Saturday.


My new found love for a snack.... Initally bought this for my boyfriend but I fell in love! Never a fan of chocolate but this was just...... IRRESISTABLE. Most importantly is that it's so convenient to bring around... Wahaha. Om nom!


And when the bf dries what do you do.......??? Camwhore.

IMG_0232 IMG_0236
IMG_0242 IMG_0264

We're finally here! To satisfy all our grumbling tummies


My favorite was the salmon! The mustard was so tasty it had like.... A mixture of sweet and sour in it. *salivates*


AHHHHHHHHHH... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT REALLY. My bf calls this the ''burlesque'' mirror. LOL! It really had such a backstage feel. I wna have this in my house!!!!!


Mmm hmm.. My friend feeling extremely enthusiastic


This was the name of some tool... Couldn't remember what it was but I recalled asking ''what's this?'' and my friend kept going ''OM SOCK... OM SOCK...'' (In a really funny thai accent) Only realised what he was talking about after I saw this. LOL!!! Really cracked me up


I took this picture whilst saying "I'm in my office!'' and as you can see nobody really bothered about me....


Really interesting toys for the children.... I think I would go berserk if I actually lived in Ikea when I was a kid. So many things to play with


Powerpuff girl cupboards!!! Ahhhh I want to be a child again :(


Lucky shot of a cute little girl who refused to let go of the toy.... Hahahaha


The well known Ikea dolls


Finger dolls!!! Loved the one on the right with the groom and bride.. Hehe


Touring around Ikea never gets boring.....


Skin care


I've come up with a video to answer all your enquiries about the products I'm using! (Available in HD)

Below are pictures of the products I've mentioned in the video:
Cetaphil Moisturizer
Available at Watsons/ Guardian

Left to right:

1. Docte refining gel wash (From my beautician)
2. Formula 10 skin clarifying mud mask (Watsons/ Guardian)
3. Bio Essence 24K GOLD eye contour lifting serum (Watsons/ Guardian)
5. Verde eye contour mask (From my beautician)
4. Jorubi Aloe Vera gel (Pharmacies/ Watsons/ Unity)


Left to right:

1. Hada Labo whitening milk (Watsons)
2. Docte hydrating mist (From my beautician)
3. Hada Labo hydrating lotion (Watsons)
4. Avene thermal spring water (Watsons)


As a girl I do feel your pain.... The first step to having good skin is taking great care of it! With patience and discipline we can all achieve flawless skin :) ~FIGHTING!~


Blue Garden Korean BBQ


Decided to end off my weekend sometime ago with a nice dinner with the guys! Was suffering from PMS and I had such a great appetite. So we settled for Korean bbq buffet.

The boys ate so much beef the poor waitress had to keep refilling! It was really yummy however. Their marinated beef was so appetitizing I ate so much I wanted to explode.

Ending off my dinner with a yummy dessert! Rather costly though... $3 per stick but it's so milky I love it! I wish they sold it at 7-11 or something :( Do they actually? I don't rmb seeing it anywhere... Let me know if you see it! 

Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet

Tel: 62240700
50 Tiong Bahru Link Hotel, #01-07, S(168733)


P/S: I'm actually thinking of buying a PANASONIC LUMIX G3. I love my G12 and I'll never get rid of it but I need a camera with higher megapixels! (Preferably one with a flipscreen)


Haven't seen anyone around me use it yet so I really need some reviews.
I need feedback from someone who's actually using the camera so please do share with me your comments!

Or even better recommend me some cameras? It'd be really helpful to me :)


Dean & Deluca


The other day... My bf and I decided to head out for a date! Hehe. Was so excited and fully prepared to wake up early I actually set 5 alarms. And because we're always sleeping in on weekends, we're always unable to have a nice breakfast together so we decided to have a sumptous one that day :)

Our destination was Dean and Deluca!

Salmon! I love salmon :::DDDD

My bf's Mac and Cheese

Lo and behold........... *drum rolls*


So so yummy!!! The pancakes are so fluffy. Such a great satisfaction for my craving for pancakes *slurps* But it was a lil too huge for me... Think it'd be perfect for a couple's share.

Forcing my bf to finish the last piece for me because I couldn't bear to see it uneaten and wasted... Hahah


My reddish brown hair is back! Yay

Such a great day out in the sun with my sweetheart. X


Do you like my curls in this entry???? :D Here's my secret

I actually only separated my hair into 3 portions and tied 3 buns! No usage of any curlers or heating irons at all. Cool right. I was so impressed! It's a pity my hair's abit dry so the curls didn't look as nice but if your hair's in really good condition I assure you your hair's gna look perfect. Girls you shd rly go try! Really works and it's also extremely cost effective. Hahaha

Good night folks