Last Sunday, I headed to JCube for a shopping spree!!! After months of it being built up, I've always been reluctant to visit Jcube cus well... You know, it being a ''neighbourhood'' shopping mall, I actually stereotyped it somehow. But nooope! After last Sunday, I'm confident to say that I'm going to start visiting it more now... Hahaha. It has so much more than you think you know! I've underestimated it.

As most of you might already know, I live in the west so having a shopping mall like JCube is truly amazing!!! I'm going to share with you how I spent a fun-filled day at Jcube that day :)


My bf was a sweetheart and agreed to accompany me shop and spend our day there!

So we started off our day with a meal at the food court. Hokkien mee! Our fave :)


After which I headed to the concierge to purchase $100 worth of vouchers to spend!! And I'm glad to say... They were all fully well utilised. Hehe. You must be wondering why I actually purchased these vouchers instead of using cash right? Well... Read on to find out why :)


Shopping off I go! My first stop was.. Tally Weijl. Was pretty surprised to see the shop because I've never seen this brand before so I decided to check it out.


Such a pretty pretty shop! I was really attracted to all their accessories.. These were what I got :D


So cutesy right? I love the lace bow hair tie I immediately tried it on my hair!

My next stop was a shopping heaven... Yes you guessed it right. MIYOC!


Impressed with their wide selection and variety of clothes.. There were soooo much to choose from!!


Ended up getting these 2 pairs of shorts below. I wanted to buy so much more but I decided to save my vouchers for other stuff :)


Next... I visited Hako

And I got this!!!!


Been wanting to try this ''popping cooking'' thing and I finally found it! Since I've been shopping for only myself.. I decided this was something I should get so that both my bf and I could share :D

Lastly... SASA

Sasa was where I spent my last $10 voucher and to my surprise.. I was actually able to purchase TWO lipsticks!! It was on a promotion so they were sold at $10 for 2. I was soo happy cus I was looking for a nice lipstick to use and this was a perfect buy for me. Hehe.

The lipstick was rather moisturizing and the colours were super chio!


The usual price was actually $8.90. Such a worthy buy! Not sure if the promotion would be available at other Sasa outlets so to play safe... Hurry head down to JCube and get yours before the promotion ends!!


So very pleased with all my buys that day! I went home a happy girl. Thanks to JCube for giving me such a great shopping experience :D

As I mentioned about the vouchers, the reason why I actually used them instead of cash was because of a current promotion that is ongoing @ JCube right now

Thanks to the vouchers, I managed to get a free iceskating pass!! But because time did not permit, I wasn't able to ice skate.. But now that I actually obtained a free pass, I'm going to look forward to go skating at Jcube the next time I visit! So excited already! The ice skating rink looks so huge and awesome

I heard that they even hired DJs to spin music throughout the night.. Cool or what?! Imagine skating to like R&B or Kpop... SO FUN!!! Hahahaha


Here's what upcoming at The Rink this month!

The Rink
Skate with Santa this Xmas
Date: 15 - 25 Dec 2012
Time: 3pm - 5pm

Disco night with Santarina
Date: 24 Dec 2012 (Mon)
Time: 9.45pm - 12.30am

Weekly disco night
Every Fridays from 9.45pm - 11.45pm

To find out more about the events & promotions going on at Jcube, do visit their website at www.j-cube.com.sg

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at PM 08.41.28

Or keep yourself updated on their Fb page HERE

Screen shot 2012-12-05 at PM 08.43.10

If you haven't visited JCube... It's time you do so now!!!