Advertorial x Young Hungry Free


Blogshop of the week

I have to admit, I was overjoyed when they contacted me for a long term sponsor!!! I love it when blogshops offer to sponsor me long term and have got tons of clothes that I love. Too lucky!


Before I even received my items from Young Hungry Free, I already got my eye on other items in their new collection... I really think their clothes are so.. ME. Hahaha.

Here are my picks:


Shredded denim stud shorts in black 

I can never get enough of shorts... And this fits me too well!


Glass heels in metallic

I REALLY LOVE THIS!!!!! Silver and transparent... Best combo ever. Most importantly, it doesn't make my feet uncomfortable! I know there are a lot of similar heels like this out there and I heard the aching can get quite bad because of the steepness? But I swear this pair's not steep at all so I don't feel any bit of ache! Can't wait for the right ocassion to wear 'em out!!!

new in

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Instagram: @younghungryfree

Have a lovely weekend!