Hair pampering


Due to my hectic schedule.. I haven't got the time to do my hair. Thankful for the long weekend sometime ago which gave me some time to pamper my locks!


Terribly unmanaged hair.... Which was really dry and messy.

Time to get rid of the ugly golden color!


Trying out their new arimino treatment!


Which turned out really amazing and I was so happy! My hair was so smooth and easy to manage after. The best thing is it actually stayed the same for about a week!


TADAH! A darker brown!


Really loved the end result :) Thank you Weng for being so patient with my hair!

And of course Salon Vim for always giving me such beautiful locks!


Baby cousin's 1st Birthday


More on my personal life this time..... My baby cousin, Gene's 1st birthday celebration!!

Being the first baby boy in the Ang family... He's treated like a king! My doting uncle and aunt booked the NSRCC for his birthday celebration for 2 days. A really fruitful staycation where I spent lotsa quality time with my family. One of the things I'm most thankful for :)

(FYI: Tons of baby photos ahead..!)


The best grandma who never complains about carrying him to sleep in her arms despite her arm aching every night.


Super cute birthday cake!!


I don't even want to imagine my life without her. It makes me scared :(


His baffled face every time someone whom he hasn't seen before carries him.. LOL


So glad the bf got to join us :) 


Sweet friends who came to join in the fun and even got little Gene a pressie!


Sometimes I think he hates me!!


Cute baby paper plates

DAY 2:


Hahahahahaha one of his signature funny faces


Fulling utilising the facilities provided for us! Such a great place to stay at for sportsmen.. They have literally everything! Swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court etc..


So cute you make my heart melt ::)


Happy birthday Gene!!!

I can't wait for you to grow up already :')


Fighting acne


Hello everyone!! Today's topic will be on acne. Something almost every teenager would have to go through. Except of course, the lucky ones who are blessed with total flawless skin. Too bad I'm not one of them :(

To those who think that I have perfect flawless skin... You're really wrong. I'm not born with flawless skin and definitely not blessed with it.. There indeed are times where my skin can be really nice and smooth with no blemishes etc for a few days straight but clogged pores/ whiteheads will start to form days after.. It hardly ever stays perfect for long. Even up till now. These pimples just wouldn't LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

I'll share with you the tough journey of skin problems I had to go through for the past few years.

I had perfect skin until I started Secondary School. In 2010, I was attacked with the worst acne breakout EVER due to a certain product that was too harsh for my skin. My forehead, my cheeks, my chin; literally almost a half of my face were filled with painful, red and horrendous acne. I do have pictures but it's SO horrid I feel repulsed looking at it myself. My self esteem was at its LOWEST.. To those who're facing this problem, I really do feel you.

You feel like you have no mood to head out because you don't want anyone to see you and you have no interest in doing anything. I understand how acne can take on such an emotional toll to those who're suffering from it. It can really bring about a huge impact to your emotional mind. Sometimes even after trying out so many different ways to make your skin better, it just DOESN'T WORK. Right?

But don't give up just yet!!! I was like this back then too. But I guess my skin was too important to me to ever think of giving up. I even tried going to facials etc (that's a misconception some of you might have, that facials would solve acne. But no it isn't true! Because facials can sometimes make the skin even more aggravated) and it didnt work for me! It made my skin look nice for a few days only to see more pimples popping up again.. It didn't really solve the root problem in the end.

And so I finally resorted to consulting a doctor.

I first consulted a Dermatologist at Gleneagles. (I cant actually publicise his name like that for privacy purposes, and alsoI wouldn't recommend it cus it was really costly. Costed me $400 only during the FIRST consultation.) With my utmost anxiety and desperation to cure my terrible acne, I told the doctor to prescribe me something strong that would take effect ASAP. (Which of course IS NOT encouraged to those who are suffering from only mild acne.) This is simply to prevent your body from being immune to a strong medicine.

Anyhow, I was prescribed with Isotretinoin. One of the few medications that are to be taken for really bad acne cases. (Another kind of medication that I know of would be Roaccutane, which was something I have never taken but just in case you'd want an alternative). The main aim of Isotretinoin is to prevent excessive oil secretion on your skin, and thus preventing acne from further aggravation or inflammation and also to prevent new ones from popping up. Isotretinoin worked well for me in terms of drying my skin up but initially my skin was peeling and my eyes were really dry. I started to drink a lot of water everyday + spam eyedrops and the dryness started to get better and soon it wasn't much of an issue anymore! Along with Isotretinoin I was also given antibiotics to get rid of the inflamed zits at that time. It was called doxycyline! Totally effective.

Besides oral medication, of course I was also prescribed with pimple cream. Which to me wasn't really effective. So I allowed the oral medication to fully take effect and cure me without any form of product application. And after a whole year, IT FINALLY DID. I felt sooooo happy having to see my face clear and everyone started complimenting on how it was so much better!

Afterwhich I didn't entirely stop oral medication of course.. I continued to consume another medication Nemigen to prevent further acne eruptions. Soon my skin was under control with just regular cleansing! After that period where my acne was already starting to heal, I kept everything under control with "AZ cleanser" for acne prone skin. After that I totally stopped using that cleanser and switched to cetaphil.

Now I only have pimples here and there once in awhile during the time of the month. I do have actual painful acne sometimes but it hardly ever gets crazy anymore. For my normal pimples I would just use Jorubi's Aloe Vera (the best I love it) and SPAM. Sometimes I actually apply a few layers over it. Hahaha it's a slow healing process but IT WORKS. And it doesn't scar. Trust me!

I'm not any professional skin doctor or some beauty guru but I figured I had to share this with y'all because I know how desperate it can get and I just want to help those who suffered like I did. Good luck and don't give up!

Asia Style Collection


I was cordially invited to attend the Asia Style Collection 2013 by Style x Style last month and I'm here to update on my memorable experience at the concert! I have so much to share it's so exciting!

Prior to my previous entry on a short introduction of the Asia Style Collection, I'm sure many of you have already gotten a rough background of what it's all about. There was so much in store for us even I couldn't wait to watch the concert!! Imagine my excitement!

The best thing is, we even managed to get backstage passes for a tour before the concert even started. Some of us were so lucky we watched SNSD rehearse live! Lucky R us~


Simone, Tyler, myself, Eric, Reiee, Jeremy


Sharon Au, the one in charge of the whole event! She could speak such fluent Japanese.


During our tour at the backstage... So near yet so far


Watching some of the rehearsals!








Us waiting for the concert to start...


And here we are, INSIDE the barricaded area! Never expected to be SO near! But of course super glad that we were. Hehehe.


HERE WE GO! Asia Style Collection 2013


AKB48 and their sister group, SNH48 doing the honor for the opening of the Tokyo Girls Collection!


The gorgeous Lena Fujii


And the super sexy Rola! I loved her!! SO CHIO!

Kozue Akimoto. Such an outstanding individual. 

Next up, a performance by the very bubbly Thelma Aoyama


Was never a fan but I really liked her because she kept smiling! It makes me happy just watching her perform. Hahaha.


Cutesy Tsubasa


Ai was next and her perfomance was really good... Everyone was crazy and dancing at their own seats!! I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take more pictures..


Pardon me for this is all I have.... LOL.


Kozue giving us a flying kiss... Hehe


Legs to die for


Rola, Tsubasa and Lena


How can someone be so pretty and flawless!!!


What everyone has been anticipating for... The KPOP collection!


All of them are so lean and tall... Omg. Sometimes I think that Koreans are born to be chio.. (tho many are plastic)


The models dancing to Gentleman! Their dance made the whole collection so much livelier!

Here comes my favorite part.. 2NE1!!!!


CL looking straight into my cam!!


Joanna and I with 2NE1 right behind us! I was so near I wanted to just scream but I contained it. Hahaha I was only like an arm's length away from their legs!!!

Now... For the Singapore collection!


Dai Yang Tian! Joanna kept shouting for his name and he waved back looking really shy. Lol he was soo cute!


Sexy Zoe Tay

Almost done... I'm left with the last part of the Asia Style Collection..






Spamming shots of Tiffany.. SPAM SPAM SPAM lol!


My perfect kind of chio.. If I'm ever going to go for plastic surgery I'd totally ask for her face.


I HAD SO SO SO MUCH FUN!!! Loved the entire concert... Thank you Gushcloud and Style x style for the kind invitation and the honored privilege of being so near to the KPOP stars! I totally enjoyed myself!

Next up.. Gdragon's concert. 
Stay tuned!