Sexuality ?


Sexuality... Sexuality... What exactly is sexuality?

Sexuality doesn't only mean sex. It covers almost everything that includes a boy and a girl. Things like BGRs, respect and trust in relationships, violence in relationships, STI/HIV and even personal aspects such as self-image/esteem. Sexuality is a really broad term and there are so many things I could talk about. But today, I'll just focus on BGRs in general because I have so much to share regarding this topic!

In this conservative society, people tend to judge you when you're in a relationship too young. But is it possible to determine the right age to delve into a relationship? Is it wrong to be involved in a boy girl relationship during your teens? Because let's admit it, everyone is doing it these days.... And it has already started to actually seem like a society norm, don’t you agree?

It isn't wrong to be in a relationship but it's important to know whom you're getting into a relationship with. Because that could possibly be the biggest cause of a drastic change in your life, either good or bad.

I've had bad relationships and relationships I regret.. I even had people I regret going out with. I was too young to realize then. But of course, there are people whom have made me a better person.. including my current boyfriend - Ivan.

In the past, I was messed up… Man, that I have to admit. And I was undeniably the worst girlfriend anyone could have, seriously. I was insensitive. Selfish. I never actually gave a hoot about how my partner feels most of the time. I could ask my ex out for a movie and SLEEP IN THE THEATRE half an hour after the movie starts without bothering to try to stay awake. Lol... IKR? I can't believe myself sometimes. But these people were too nice to reiterate the mistakes I've made so I guess I kept committing them. I was young and reckless.

After getting into a relationship with my current boyfriend, things started to change... For the better. He was really straightforward about the things that he was unhappy with about me and never hesitated to lecture me about them. At times even repeatedly because I tend to be so oblivious about the stupid things I do. I am seriously, super careless and dependent on others. He was harsh, but that was seriously the only way to get to me. I'm the kind that needs to be tamed. LOL. At the beginning I was kind of displeased, trying to accept the negative comments he have said. But as time passed I have started to realize how his honesty has made me a better person holistically. And I'm starting to really appreciate that as I start to mature. 

To me, a healthy relationship would definitely include honesty. Being honest doesn’t mean being rude, unkind, or aggressive. It doesn’t mean sharing things to hurt your partner or “spilling your guts.” It actually means sharing your honest views about each other just so both of you could improve on yourselves and the relationship as a whole. (Of course, don't go about telling your gf another girl is hot!!)

In the past when my bf does something I don’t like, I don’t usually voice out. I just keep everything inside and forget about it. Vice versa. We never had a chance to properly talk things out because both of us are quite temperamental, (my bf says I throw bitch fits all the time, lol) and sometimes talking things out would only lead us to a bigger quarrel. So the other day we promised each other to not get angry and spoke to each other really nicely about our problem areas. I even penned down his good and bad so he knew what I didn’t like about him. Haha. After that day, we quarrel so much lesser and we’re a whole lot happier now!

This would then bring me back to the point of getting the right partner for yourself... I'm not asking you to find a handsome, rich man but you do have to ask yourself if he's the one for you before you make your decision. Every relationship takes two hands to clap, and it might be too late for regrets if you don’t think twice before stepping into one cause you can’t just break up as and when you wish.

Breaking up isnt as easy as you thought. The emotional attachment you harbor may sometimes blur your judgment of what's right and wrong and most of the time you might not even be aware of it.

Life is too short for shitty relationships!

Find someone that treats you well and be silly with them!

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Thank you for reading <3