DR SM YUEN Atlas Medical


Just started on my Acne programme at Atlas Medical because of my recurring acne that doesn't seem to be going away... Will be undergoing a few sessions for now before I finally show you the outcome!

As of now, I'm using the products that DR SM Yuen Atlas Medical have given me.

  1. Bebepu Cleanser
  2. Rose-2 moisturizer gel
  3. Bebepu sunblock 

IMG_2216 copy

Because my skin can get really really dry at times.. I can't exactly use acne control cleansers so DR SM Yuen recommended me the Bebepu cleanser which is really really mild on the skin! I always thought mild cleansers wouldn't work for my acne problems but the Bebepu cleanser seems to be really suitable for my bipolar skin. It doesn't make me breakout yet doesn't dry my skin out at the same time. I love it!


After the cleanser, I use Rose moisturizer gel. The best thing about it is that it's in a gel form, so it's not oily and as moisturizing compared to oil based moisturizers which is perrrfect for me because oil based moisturizers always make me breakout like mad. (IKR how problematic)


The most important step lastly, would be sunblock which I always always tend to neglect... After DR SM Yuen emphasized on how important sunblock is, I began to start applying it very often! The Bebepu sunblock, like the cleanser is also super mild on the skin. It can even be used on children! The sunblock also doesn't make your skin feel oily and has a matte finish which I really like. No one likes to look all oily and sticky right? Hahaha.


Okie. That's about it for now..... Stay tuned for more updates!!