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I always have this bit of curiosity about the skin which I could never fulfil because Google sometimes just isn’t enough. You know how at times you have qualms about your skin and you try to Google but don't exactly get any proper answers? Even if you do, it might not exactly be the right information so learning and hearing from a professional himself is the best!

At the Vaseline workshop with the other fellow bloggers last Sunday!


So thankful that I got invited to Vaseline Skin Health Workshop featuring Guest Dermatologist, Dr. K.V. Ratnam from Ratnam’s Skin and Allergy Centre. I felt like I learnt so much!


He began the talk with explaining about the 3 layers of our skin – the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. He talked about how our epidermis (the outermost, surface layer) sheds more when it is dry or diseased and emphasised on how important it is to moisturize! Well-moisturised skin heals and regenerates the fastest! Although moisturising is a long-term commitment, it will pay off; as they always say, a little goes a long way, and one could never achieve moisturized skin in just one day. We should always moisturize because there are so many external factors that could strip our skin off its moisture everyday without us realising, such as hot baths and sleeping in an air-conditioned room.


One great tip to retain the moisture in the room whilst sleeping in air-con room would be to put a bowl of water by your bedside so the air would be less dry! This has also been proven to work by many beauty gurus on YouTube! So if you have dry skin like me you could consider starting doing this :)

Another beauty tip is to moisturise 3 minutes after our baths as our pores are opened and are more susceptible to retain moisture!


Another beauty tip is to moisturise 3 minutes after our baths as our pores are opened and are more susceptible to retain moisture! There were also many concerns raised about feeling stickiness under the sun after applying moisturizer so he suggested we could either dilute the moisturizer or simply just apply it the night before we sleep so that it wouldn't be so dense the next day! I tried all these tips he gave with Vaseline's Total Moisture Nourising moisturiser and really realised a huge difference because I no longer experience any tightness in my skin when I sleep in an air-con room! So amazing how these little tips can make such a huge difference!


Vaseline has a new technology Stratys-3 that is different from all the others. The new Stratys-3™ is the first moisturising complex designed to work across all layers of skin epidermis without leaving a greasy residue.

We did a little experiment to compare Vaseline against brand X by using a blotter sheet to determine its oiliness!


For brand X, there were little blots of oil and it was so sticky the blotter paper stuck to my hand even when I flipped it the other way. As opposed to Vaseline, there were no blots at all and it was so smooth that the blotter couldn't even stay. I didn't even have to observe for oil blots to know which is better!

So which Vaseline moisturizer exactly is suitable for your skin type? People with these skin types can try out these recommended moisturizers.


The Aloe Vera is more lightweight so it can be used on people with oilier skin as well as people with sensitive skin because it has more calming properties!

As for people with super duper dry skin, the cocoa butter would be the most suitable as it contains the most moisturizing ingredient.

As for the Nourishing (oatmeal) moisturizer, it can be used on people with skin redness, because oatmeal has always been popular with targeting skin redness.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you know more about how to better take care of your skin and pamper it! We should never take advantage of our skin just because we think we don't need to do anything to maintain it. Good skin requires effort (and a good moisturizer :))


So glad I was able to attend this insightful and informative workshop!

A pic with my bag of goodies from Vaseline!!! YAY~



Super huge tub of petroleum jelly that I especially LOVE because it can be used for SO MANY purposes! Did you know applying them on your eyebrows and eyelashes could also encourage hair growth? Try and let me know if it works for you!

Thank you Vaseline for these goodies!