Facial treatments @ Atlas Medical


My acne has been well maintained thanks to the acne program I've been undergoing at Atlas Medical Laser and Aesthetics! I'm super thankful how they are so patient with me because my skin is so problematic it becomes tough to keep in control. Even I run out of patience myself from trying to take care of my skin. LOL

Unfortunately, I have SO MUCH melanin in my body which seems to be producing tons at every minute.

Recently, I started to develop some pigmentation from sun exposure.. I have no idea where they came from until DR Yuen pointed them out to me. Till then... It has been bothering me quite a bit because I can't help but focus on this flaw.

Therefore, I did my usual pigmentation laser! I really trust my skin to be under the skillful hands of DR Yuen because he's always so confident and aware of what to do to solve my skin's imperfections. He makes me feel assured of the results I'm expecting.

I told DR Yuen I wanted to feel the least pain as possible and he really did made it happen for me! He used this really cold air to blow on my skin everytime he was lasering an area of my face and there was really no pain AT ALL, which is pretty damn amazing because it makes such a big difference! If you're really afraid of pain just let DR Yuen know and he'll know what to do :)

Although there wasn't any extraction this time.. My skin feels super clean. Like as if DR Yuen has zapped all my impurities away!

A few days after the treatment...


My pigmentation has lightened a bit! I hardly even notice it anymore unless I really scrutinize my face super near the mirror.

Not to forget about other treatments I’ve also done such as the usual Silk Peel (which is my favourite), the RF treatment which is done to firm and reduce stubborn fats as well as the popular vitamin C treatment which has anti-oxidant, anti-pigmentation and skin tone lightening effects.

My facials are always made so comfortable~ 

My skin's condition now after much pampering from Atlas Medical (with some tinted sunblock):

Thank you DR Yuen!
 So glad I have this trusty team at Atlas Medical to rely on for my skin's needs :)


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Sponsored post: SAMSUNG GEAR 2


Remember when I thought that transferring data from my Iphone to my Samsung was really troublesome? I just found out the fastest and most convenient way to transfer all my info from my Iphone! Through Samsung’s smart switch, you can easily do this in just a minute.
STEP 1: Back up your data from your iPhone into your iCloud. (contacts, photos, bookmarks etc)

STEP 2: Install Smart Switch Mobile from the Play Store

STEP 3: Select ‘’Import from iCloud’’ and enter you Apple ID and password

Moving on to a feature I really love… The Ultra Power Saving Mode in my Samsung GALAXY S5 LTe: 

Best innovation ever invented!!! It allows even 10% battery to last for 30 hours. AMAZING.


Basically, it just turns your whole screen into greyscale mode with 6 of your chosen apps that you would want to use during Ultra Power Saving Mode, such as internet or messages! This has been super, super useful for me during times where my phone is really low on batt and I’m alone on a bus journey. And during times when I’m over at the bf’s and I forgot to bring my charger. I really felt like the battery could last me a lifetime. LOL. I love my GALAXY S5 LTE’s battery life!

Besides this amazing feature, Samsung has also invented the Fingerprint Security feature that can allow you to carry out PayPal payments and Private Mode!

GALAXY S5 LTE’s Private Mode is a secure way to protect sensitive files, images, and other data. You can choose to use the GALAXY S5 LTE’s fingerprint scanner as a means of accessing Private Mode. Meaning without your fingerprint, no one else would be able to access your private data! So cool right?

I love it… I can be so secretive without anyone knowing. Hahaha.

As for online shopaholics, you will WORSHIP the PayPal payment feature!! With this feature, you can authorize a PayPal payment simply with your fingerprint!

What could be better for lazy shoppers like us…


For the lucky Samsung users like me… There are exclusive GALAXY applications meant for Samsung users only! The GALAXY Life application is like your passport to amazing rewards and special privileges, including personalized content, exclusive offers and premium apps that are only redeemable by Samsung users!

To add on to the existing generous benefits that the GALAXY Life provides us, Samsung’s GALAXY Gifts actually provide us free, long-term subscriptions and premium services. These are some of the services we can download FOR FREE! Shiok or what?!

Screen shot 2014-07-04 at PM 07.10.31Screen shot 2014-07-04 at PM 07.10.59

To supplement the awesome GALAXY S5 LTE, I was also given the Gear 2 for a even better experience with Samsung!! I'm so lucky~~~


Strapped on, the Gear 2 is light and unobtrusive and accommodates most wrists without any problems. You can even change the rubber straps to your preferred color choice.

For people who cannot miss any calls, this is the perfect device for you. You can receive make and receive calls & messages, and even get notifications on the go anywhere even when your phone isn't in hand! How convenient right??
Samsung has also decided to add in some fitness ability with the Gear 2 in the shape of a refined pedometer and a heart rate monitor, as well as exercise tracking so you can run, walk, hike or cycle.


Also, you can even control your TV like a remote control from the watch itself with an app called WatchON™. One of my favorite features of this watch!!! This has made watching movies at home with the bf so, so comfortable for the both of us lazy pigs... Hahaha.




So thankful and glad that I have these useful devices with me now, and making my life so much more convenient in so many ways!! I'm officially part of the Samsung family!!

Daniel Wellington


I've never been more lucky to work with the extremely popular watch brand... 

Daniel Wellington!


DW has, since the very first watch sold in 2011, expanded to over 30 countries and counting. The design of their watches represents a classic and timeless style inspired from the elegant preppy trend.


I've always been looking for a casual watch to wear that isn't too over the top and I was THIS close to already ordering one for myself on their website when they emailed me!!!I was totally like... Woah. Boy am I lucky or what.....

They carry a wide range of watches for both males and females!

Screen shot 2014-08-17 at PM 01.15.41

They were sporting both leather and NATO strap but I've always preferred leather so I chose myself the Classic Sheffield lady.


The slim watchface combined with the different patterns and colours of the Nato straps or any of the five elegant leather straps enables a watch for every occasion. Their wide variety of interchangeable straps creates many possibilities to complete your outfit.

Beneath the watch itself you’ll find a small instruction manual and even a spring bar removal tool. This means you can swap out straps on your own, as opposed to having to visit a jeweler or watch repair shop. 

I think I would actually get myself a NATO strap so I can swap it anytime I want!

What I love most about is how minimalist it is.... LESS IS MORE! The watch looks extremely simple but the interface is exquisite.

For my readers...

There will be a special discount code for you!!


It can be used for the purchase on their official website www.danielwellington.com. The discount code will reduce the price by 15% and is valid until the end of August.

SilkyGirl Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm


What would a girl do without their lipsticks???

Loving SilkyGirl's new Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm that's so moisturizing and well pigmented! It’s really great because it’s actually a lipcolor with the benefits of a lip balm AND the precision of a lip liner, which means you do not have to bring TWO, but only just ONE lippie with you when you head out! Think smooth unchapped lips with great color!


I especially love this color because it looks so natural on me! I'm not exceptionally fair so it tends to be difficult to choose a lip color that suits me and looks natural at the same time. Most of the time I just look like as if I never applied anything or I applied too much -_- there's never an in between...


But this color really suits me well! not too dark or light and it glides on really smoothly too. This is rose color in 04 ☺

It feels like I only applied a layer of lip moisturizer because it’s extremely light weight so you don’t feel sticky or anything! With all the Vitamins A, C and E added into the lippie, it’s almost as if it’s a super many in one lippie for all girls to carry around when you head out for either just a short while or to even party because it protects your lips and at the same time give you that nice pop of colour!

Also, the lipcolor balm is extremely handy to carry around. I literally kept it in my pocket during my trip to USS and re-applied whenever I wanted to! Really convenient cus it's so small and easy to whip it out whenever!


Plus after an entire day of being out at USS, you can see the colour is still super obvious which goes to show how long-wearing it is!


As for a stronger look, of course red would be the best.

Plus all these awesome colors come with a super sleek retractable packaging! MEGA LOVE because I can look stylish while applying my lip color – no more looking unglam or anything.


Using SilkyGirl's Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm in red here and loving how the pigment can be built with mutiple applications. I only applied it 2 layers here and the color is already so obvious, plus it's super easy to apply like a lipliner! Love it~


On top of that, SilkyGirl has a strict 4-No formula: No fragrance, No paraben, No carmine and No animal testing. So no need to worry for all you girls out there that love animals and want to look good at the same time because this is a great choice!

And you want to know what else is great about this product? It’s selling at an affordable price, only at S$11.90. Normally we’d find lipsticks selling for more than $20, which is pretty pricey. But SilkyGirl really provides an affordable range for us to choose from.

Last but not least, if you want to win a SilkyGirl hamper worth $100, all you have to do is to join the #boostofcolor contest! All you have to do is to post a picture of your lips on Instagram and hashtag #boostofcolor! 

Contest ends on the 7th Sept and the 3 winners will be announced via @Gushcloud_SG Instagram. Good luck girlies!!