Introducing to you....

The new


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the Korean company's first metal phone. It's a step away from Samsung's usual plastic and towards more high-end luxury.


With a tougher body and the strip of aluminum running round the side, the Alpha certainly looks like a high-end smartphone. Inevitably the metal frame is the major talking point here, but it’s the weight that really makes the strongest first impression. At just 6.7mm thick, it weighs only 115g. The Alpha is lightweight and convenient to hold and carry around.

In addition to that, this slim and sleek device can stream music, movies and download games at a much faster speed thanks to its new 4G LTE Cat6 capability! In simpler terms, it means faster connectivity!


I love how the discreet dimpled soft-touch back adds on to the phone's premium quality, making it look even more graceful.



Alongside the overall design, the display is probably my next favorite thing featured on the Galaxy Alpha. While it is only a 720p Super AMOLED panel, it looks super awesome. Colors are rich and contrast levels are exemplary. It makes taking pictures so much of a joy with such crisp screens!


The Alpha packs a 12-megapixel autofocus camera with a 2.1-megapixel selfie camera in the front. The camera can shoot impressively at a fast speed. Use a finger to adjust the focus point with ease and the depth of focus is impressive.


Samsung's Selective Focus mode lets you capture a burst of exposures at different focus levels and then choose the focal point after the fact. 


Check out my selfies taken by the Samsung Alpha!

Battery Life

Like the S5, the Alpha has an Ultra Power Saving mode, which switches the handset to use a greyscale theme and restricts which apps can run. It can dramatically extend battery life up to 10 hours, stretching out the last few percentages of battery life on your phone. Samsung, as usual, living up to it's name for having an amazing battery life on their phones.


Smart Switch

Not to forget, the smart switch has made it so easy for me to transfer my apps and whatnot to my Alpha in just a minute! Everything is made so convenient thanks to the many innovations of Samsung.


Fingerprint Security
Another great feature of the Samsung Galaxy ALPHA 4G+ 4G is the really cool fingerprint recognition function. That means you can unlock your phone using your fingerprint! It’s so much more convenient and secure. And, it makes online shopping so much more convenient as you can link your PayPal account to your Samsung device and authenticate your purchase with a single swipe of a finger.
Finally, check out the GALAXY Life app which gives you all the updates on the latest deals and privileges of various boutiques, F&B stores and many more. It’s able to customize the updates according to your preferences and interests so it really saves you time in scrolling through a long list.

This beauty comes in three pretty colors: Frosted Gold (which is the one I’m using), Dazzling White & Charcoal Black.

 Get your Samsung Galaxy ALPHA 4G+ at any Samsung Experience Store at only $848 without any plan. It’s definitely a steal! To top things off, there's an ongoing promotion of free Tab 3 Lite (7.0") Wi-Fi. So do check it out!

In conclusion, the ALPHA has been such a joy to use and I definitely love the feel of it. It's the perfect size for me and it has almost everything I need!


Thank you Samsung!