161cm, I flunctuate between 45-48 kg

Who are you living with?
Im living with my dad, grandparents and uncle.

Are you still studying? Where at?
Yes I am! Not gonna share where... Yet.

What camera are you using? What mode do you use?
Samsung EX2F! Auto mode :)

What foundation do you use?
I rarely use foundation.

What mascara are you using?
I'm using Maybelline's waterproof mascara.

What falsies are you using?
I seldom use falsies anymore but when I do I use Demi Wispies from Ardell. (available at Sephora)

What shampoo/conditioner do you use?
I'm using Redken's all soft conditioner and shampoo. At times I do use Keraste as well.

Where do you cut your hair? 

Who made your awesome blogskin?
Yoko!!! She's awesome (Find her here: Hirecalling)